Croatian Jr. Champion,  NBFK Jr. Winner-2011

HD-AA, AD-0/0, eyes - soon

(N UCH Yooki de Rancho Jerez x Frenja)

11 months at photos



Shows in 2012 - NORWAY

June 2012

International Show Drammen: 1st Exc, CK, CERT, RCACIB, 3rd Best Male (34 Groenendaels)


May 2012

Club Show Tretten 26.05.2012 NBFK: 1st exc., Best in Open Class, CK, CERT, 2nd Best Male totally (36 Groenendaels)
Club Show Tretten 27.05.2012 NBFK: 1st exc., Best in Open Class, CK, CERT, 2nd Best Male totally


February 2012

International Show: 1st Exc, CK, Res. CERT, 3 Best Male


Shows in 2011 - NORWAY

October 2011

CAC Show: 1st Exc. Best Male

CAC Show: 1st Exc, CK, CERT, Best Male, BOB

CAC Show: 1st Exc, CK, CERT, Best Male, BOS

CAC Show: 2st Exc. Best Male


September 2011

CAC Show: 1st Exc, CK, CERT, Best Male, BOB


August 2011

International Show Oslo: 1st exc., Best Junior, CK, Res.CAC, 3rd Best Male totally + CRUFT'S qualification


June 2011

International Show Drammen: 1st exc., Best Junior, CK, R-CAC, 3rd Best Male

Club Show NBFK: 1st exc., Best Junior, 3rd Best Male totally, CK, CAC, JUNIOR CLUB WINNER

Tretten Show: 1st exc, 2-nd Best Junior, CK


May 2011

International Show Kristiansand: 1st exc. Best Junior, Best Male, CK, CAC, BOS


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