4 puppies born 14th March 2008

1 Groenendael male, 2 Groenendael females

and 1 red Tervueren female with a very good mask


F: Nordic Winner 2006, N UCH, PL CH, NBFK Winner, Jr. Winner PL

O’Emir de la Douce Plaine, many CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, BIS


M: Oraya de Rancho Jerez.

All puppies are sold from this litter.


9 puppies born 4th April 2008

2 Groenendael males, 5 Groenendael females

and 2 Tervueren males with very good black mask.


Based on previous beautiful puppies, successful on the shows, friendly and healthy,

we have been repeating the same combination:


NUCH, CH.PL, Best Breeding Dog PL 02 & 04, Jr.CH.PL Orion-Jerez Fan Jo-Bo’s Hiem, HD-A, eyes-free


Jina de Rancho Jerez, HD-A, AA-0/0, eyes-free.

We have 2 beautiful Groenendael females available from this litter.



Puppies planned for July/August 2008


We are planning a very promising combination:


Oh-La-La de Rancho Jerez x Vito du Chemin des Sorcieres


Slovakian Champion, Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Jr. Champion, Czech Jr. Champion, Jugendbundessieger 2006,
Hungarian Club Winner 2007- BOB, BIS 2
Czech Special Winner- 2007, BOB- BEST IN SHOW
Hungarian Special Winner-2007, BOB- BEST IN SHOW
Hungarian Club Winner- 2008, BOB- BEST IN SHOW
Character test passed: Hungarian, French (CSAU+TAN)
Selected: T.s. (Hungarian), eye test: free
Hip test: HD/A, Elbows 0/0





Please click on the pictures of the dogs to see the pedigrees.

MYSTIQUE MOON de Rancho Jerez - pedigree



Pegigree of ORION-JEREZ

 MYSTIQUE MOON de Rancho Jerez HD-A, eyes-free (June 2003)


NUCH, JWPL,JCh.Pl,ChPL. Europ. Dog Show'00-CAC, Best Breeding Dog 02 & 04 PL ORION-JEREZ Fan Jo-Bo's Hiem HD-A, eyes-free (June 2003)

Orion is a beautiful male with a very sweet character, friendly for people and other dogs. 

He is a father to around 140 puppies in different countries. 

He has produced many Champions and Junior Champions with very good character.

Orion was the Best Breeding Dog in Poland in 2002 and 2004.

Other females coming to ORION-JEREZ and O'EMIR

Kliknij a zobaczysz rodowód

Ch.PL, W.PL, NUCH, NBFK V’03 O'EMIR de la Douce Plaine HD-A, elbows-free, eyes-free

Kliknij a zobaczysz rodowód

NUCH, CH.PL. J.CH.PL J.W.PL. Best Breeding Dog 02 & 04 PL ORION-JEREZ fan Jo-Bo's Hiem HD-A eyes-free

GRACJA z Leśnego Maneżu (Ch.Pl. Ceres MISTER WIMULA x BIBIFORTA z Leśnego Maneżu)

8 puppies have been born 5th January 2001 - 3 males + 5 females

Ch.Pl. H.J.Ch. H.Cl.W. BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges (HJCh. Sl.JCh. JCl.W.TEX des Terres BergeresxCsaholczay ESTELLA)

10 puppies have been born 12th October 2002 - 8 males + 2 females

Ch.Pl. H.J.Ch. H.Cl.W. BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges (HJCh. Sl.JCh. JCl.W.TEX des Terres BergeresxCsaholczay ESTELLA)

11 puppies have been born 3rd February 2001 - 7 males + 4 females

ELZA Leopardus (Ch.Pl.J.W.Pl. O'EMIR de la Douce Plaine x DUCHESSE Ambassadeur des Belges 

10 puppies born 15.04.2003 - 6 males + 4 females

DUCHESSE Ambassadeur des Belges (VIKING des Terres Bergeres HD-A, eyes-free (June 2003) x H.J.Ch. BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges HD-A, eyes-free (June 2003))

8 puppies have been born 21st March 2001 - 4 males + 4 females

DUCHESSE Ambassadeur des Belges HD-A (CH. Bijou Ambassadeur des Belges HD-A x Viking des Terres Bergeres Hd-A)

10 puppies have been born on the 15th of April 2003 - 6 males + 4 females

VENUS (MASTER de Dona Quina x Campanilla) 

 12 puppies have been born 28th August 2001 - 6 males + 6 females

URANUS Aa av Nangijala (Vaquitas Anricco du Nord x Quetzal Coatl C. av Nangijala) 

No puppies born 

FRONJA vom Motodrom SchH III (Iothis Taianne des Pistes Noir HD-A x Brenda von Lichtental SchH III, HD-B) 

No puppies born

Ch.Pl. J.Ch.H. H.Cl.W. BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges HD-A1 (HJCh. Sl.JCh. JCl.W.TEX des Terres BergeresxCsaholczay ESTELLA)

10 puppies have been born on the 12-th of October 2002 : 8 males + 2 females

ALICE Comme un Reve Noir (Ch.Nl. Lux. OTHIZ v't Belgish Schoon HD-A X Ch.H. Voros Pimpernel TOSCA)

7 puppies born: 4 males + 3 females. 

KANJA KEISERINNE av Vikholmen (Ch.N, Ch.D Fakaiser's EMIR de ENTRAGE x Ch.N ADITI av Vikholmen)

 1 female born 21.11. 2003

LORA de la Terre Sauwage (Ch. Eur.Greco Comme un Reve Noir x Elza Comme un Reve Noir IPOI)

Puppies expected Winter 2002

F V'01 MARQUISE des Louves D'Ymonville

 Puppies expected Summer 2004

GUERNICA Ao. av Nangijala (s.r. F CH Valkohampaan Dumbarton x N CH BENTE-KIM v't Lanas Hof)

 10 puppies born on the 18.09.03 - 5 males + 5 females

MYSTIQUE MOON de Rancho Jerez ( Ch.Pl. J.Ch.Pl. J.W.Pl. Winner of Champ. ORION-JEREZ Fan Jo-Bo's Hiem x BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges HD-A1 (HJCh. Sl.JCh. JCl.W.TEX des Terres BergeresxCsaholczay ESTELLA)

7 puppies have been born 16.11.03: 1 male Groenendael + 4 females Groenendael + 2 males Tervueren

p.E. KIM de Bruine Buck (Ch.Nl. JARL-WENDY van Lana's Hof x p.E. NOZEM de Bruine Buck)

10 puppies born on 13th January 2004 - 3 Groenendael males + 3 Groenendael females + 3 Tervueren females + 1 Tervueren male

Fakaiser's Amiens (Ch.NL Boetsch de Bruine Buck x CH.NL, DK Mona du Crepuscule des Loups)

 8 puppies born on 16.04.04­ - 3 males Groenendael, 3 females Groenendael, 1 male Tervueren and 1 female Tervueren.

Ch.Pl. H.J.Ch. H.Cl.W. BIJOU Ambassadeur des Belges (HJCh. Sl.JCh. JCl.W.TEX des Terres Bergeres x Csaholczay ESTELLA)

7 puppies have been born 13th February 2004 - 3 males + 4 females

KANJA KEISERINNE av Vikholmen (Ch.N, Ch.D Fakaiser's EMIR de ENTRAGE x Ch.N ADITI av Vikholmen)

4 puppies have been born 17th July 2004 - 2 males and 2 females.

N UCH NORDV-02 Sheerena’s Karma (N UCH Vanistica Equinox x N UCHSheerena’s Herlige Hilka

6 puppies have been born 25th July 2004 - 3 Groenendael males, 1 Groenendael female, 1 Tervueren male and 1 Tervueren  female.


NUCH DKCH Woodshine's Kon-Tiki (NUCH Delta Phoenix Ag Av Nangijala x NUCH Woodshine's Galateia)  

4 puppies born (2 males and 2 females).


BLACK RUNAWAY'S Active Daylight (Ch. NL BOETSCH de Bruine Buck x MARQUISE des Louves D'Ymonville)

6 puppies have been born from frozen semen (2 Groenendael males, 2 Groenendael females, 1 Tervueren male and 1 Tervueren female).


Widholmens High Sprit Gremlin (Fakaiser’s Enzo d’eminent x LP Emmabourne Harmony Girl). Mentality and shot test, hips free, eyes free, BOS, CACIB, R-CACIB and several CK = champion quality.

No puppies born.




If you are interested to buy a puppy or you like our dogs please contact us.

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Puppies born after ORION-JEREZ in 2000:

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